Rest assured, you will sleep well after you read this blog.


The 9 months of pregnancy can often be gruelling. And the changes in your sleep patterns will make the times when you slept like a baby seem like a distant dream. But we assure you that after you read this, your sleepless days will be over!

First Trimester-

First Trimester.

The first three months of your pregnancy are set to usher in happiness and excitement along with nausea, fatigue and mood swings. The first trimester won’t be easy as your hormones will be in overdrive.

The thought of creating a temporary base in your bathroom will come to your mind (not kidding) as high Progesterone levels and an expanding uterus put pressure on the bladder leading to frequent urination and bouts of vomiting. Morning sickness will snatch the good out of mornings and tender breasts and pelvic cramps will add to your troubles.

For your first trimester to feel like child’s play follow the below tips:

Start scheduling your sleep throughout the day:

Start scheduling your sleep throughout the day.

Finding it hard to sleep at night? Take long morning or midafternoon naps but avoid sleeping after 4 pm as that could add to your sleepless nights.

Stay hydrated to stay healthy

Stay hydrated to stay healthy.

Nourish your body with a good amount of fluids but avoid liquids after 7 pm to make you bathroom visits less frequent.

 Eat. Exercise. Enjoy

Eat. Exercise. Enjoy.

Munch your way through the first trimester with healthy snacks like Greek yogurt, fruits, cheese and roasted chips always by your side to help you feel less nauseous. Light exercise during the day will make you feel good and ready to take on the day.

Second Trimester

Second Trimester.

There is good news and bad news! The good news is that these three months will be kinder on you and you will sleep much better with no nausea and fewer moods swings. You will also get to feel your baby’s movements.

And now for the bad news … you must have been through heartbreak right? Now it’s time to experience what heartburn feels like.

As the uterus grows in size it will put extra pressure on the stomach and force acid up your throat giving you heartburn and hindering your sleep. Avoid sleeping on the back, sleeping on the left side helps a lot!

Master the art of sound sleeping by doing the following:

Sit upright after a meal

Sit upright after a meal.

Avoid lying down after a meal as it might aggravate the acid reflux; sit in Vajrasana pose. Have heavy meals during the day and light meals at night for better sleep. At all times avoid spicy food, fried snacks and caffeine as they induce heartburn and soft drinks are a big NO.

Experience Zen

Experience Zen.

Practice meditation and take part in a prenatal yoga workshop. Give yourself some me time, take some time off from your work, and if possible work from home. All we are saying is take a chill pill.

 Third Trimester

Third Trimester.

The seventh month of your pregnancy will truly test the mother in you. Sleep is going to be a luxury you might not be able to afford.

Your belly might feel like the venue of a football match. Your little one will kick away to make his presence felt. And while he may get his kicks, you won’t get yours.

A study by Yale University has shown that 60% of pregnant women suffer from loss of sleep due to lower back ache. But don’t worry, we have got your back.

 Sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams.

Always sleep on the left, in a fetus position with pillows under your legs and stomach or simply use a pregnancy pillow.

Calm down

Calm Down.

Have a fixed sleep routine; let soft instrumental music guide you to sleep. An oil massage or a warm bath can also work wonders.

Well… We have reached the end of this blog. You can read the rest of our blogs after you have taken some rest. Sweet dreams!



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