Your ultimate cheat sheet for losing postpartum weight.


Who doesn’t like to show off her baby bump? >From celebs to women of all age groups and classes do. We’re sure you must have enjoyed that period too! But the unfortunate part (at least this is what many ladies feel) of this lovely process is that the baby’s out but the bump remains! *We know it hurts.* What follows is diets, slimming tablets and vigorous exercises, which is sometimes not even possible due to breastfeeding, weakness and lack of time and energy. So, we thought of making your life easier. We collected little tricks to lose big weight.

  1. Where is your bottle of water?

Aha! Always keep your bottle of water handy? Fantastic! Now stop being that perfect. Just kidding! But seriously, imagine your bottle of water like a gym instructor who makes you walk and jog. So, next time make sure if you’re in bedroom, your bottle of water is in the hall so that you walk up to it and quench your thirst. You might get irritated but when you get on weighing scale you’ll surely thank your new gym instructor.

  1. Reel life: Off. Real life: On

Studies show that we often end up eating around 40 percent more when watching TV, and we’re more likely to eat junk food while distracted. Want to lose weight without much effort? Switch off your TV, computer or smart phone during lunch and dinner time and focus only on your meal. We also know that weekend, when hubby’s at home, can be quite relaxing! But are you binge-watching TV on weekends? It’s not only harmful to your eyes but also to your hips because we don’t realise that we’re resting our butts too much. So, watch TV standing up, and keep moving (of course, feel free to rest when you’re tired). This way the more you watch, the more you lose weight!

  1. The first four bites can make all the difference.

It’s so natural that as a breastfeeding mother, you’re going to get hungrier more often than not. When we’re very hungry we tend to eat without really taking a pause (sometimes even like Mahadevan’s breathless). But here’s the way to trick your mind and stomach. Instead going fast with your first few bites, go slow with them. Enjoy the food. Chew the food properly (according to Ayurveda, we must chew our food 33 times). This sends a message to our brain and stomach that we aren’t hungry and we won’t eat as much quantity as we gulp down when we’re dying of starvation.

  1. Why blue is going to be your favourite hue?

Have you ever wondered why fast food brands make extensive use of colours such as red and yellow? The colour psychology explains that colours can affect our moods, behaviours and our choices to a large extent. Red and yellow stimulate us to want to eat a lot. Studies have shown that eating from a blue plate can actually reduce your appetite. Don’t love blue colour? Try this, it will turn into your favourite colour very soon. Trust us: It’s magic.

  1. Become your baby’s best friend.

Be a mommy in action. Play with your kids – crawl, jump, dance and sing along! Don’t forget to pick up their toys and then repeat.

So, don’t kill yourself over fad diets and strict exercises. Just look around, it’s all right there. Tell us in comments if you have some fun ideas of your own to lose weight.

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