Does your baby love Pop more than …. rock?



Had you for a while there, moms, didn’t we? But c’mon, we know that babies always love their mothers more. So that’s a given. But the love of music is not. Unless you decide to pass it on to your little one.

Like, did you know that Sachin Tendulkar was named after the legendary music composer Sachin Dev Burman as his parents were great fans of the maestro? And their love of music rubbed off on the Little Master as well and helped him focus better and hone his already splendid game.

It’s been proven that music has a powerful effect on our emotions and our thinking. And a baby’s appreciation of music starts early. Very, very early.

Even your belly bump can feel music’s thump!


Like we said babies start ‘feeling’ the music really early. Your baby will most definitely be able to absorb music in the third trimester. He or she will gravitate towards classical music and more soothing sounds. Avoid hard rock and heavy metal because unborn babies get put off by loud and harsh noises. They aren’t born to be wild, just yet.

Twinkle, twinkle, you are my star!


In 2013, a research conducted on pregnant mothers in Europe found that newborn babies could remember the precise version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ that they first heard in the womb. They even reacted differently when altered versions were played. These memories created before they were born, stayed with them until they were four months old.

 Babies are born to bop!


Studies have shown that babies are born with the ability to detect musical beats. That’s why the moment they can move their limbs, they start nodding and swaying to music. And they are always in tune. More vitally, research suggests that soothing music may encourage premature babies to feed, and could even improve their heart rate.

From Beethoven to Bollywood, babies think it’s all good!


Expose your baby to as many different strains of music as you can. They don’t have any preset notions. Let the music wash over them. And if you play an instrument, play it with your baby sitting near you, but don’t play too loudly as that can damage a baby’s hearing.

 Sing India Sing!


Sounds like some new show on TV, right? But seriously, sing to your baby whenever you can. Sing your baby to sleep. Sing to your baby in the bath. Sing to your baby when she’s playing. Hearing you sing will help your baby learn languages. And even very young babies can recognise specific melodies once they’ve heard them.

Once your baby can talk, teach her to rock!


As children grow, chances are they will enjoy singing with you. So set words to music (PS. This actually helps the brain absorb information more quickly and retain that info longer). That’s why we still remember the lyrics of nursery rhymes that we haven’t heard in ages.

Start music lessons early.


Even 4 and 5-year-olds enjoy creating music and can learn the basics of some instruments. Starting lessons early helps children bond forever with music.

Also encourage your child’s school to teach music. As it can help build skills such as coordination and creativity.

So dear #SmartMums, please tell us which songs your babies love the most? Do write in. We’re all ears. Literally


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