Handling Twins. Are they twice as nice or double trouble?


Twins share everything … from the same womb (at the same time), the same parents and the same birthdate to the same classroom setting. “Having twins is not twice as hard – it’s exponentially more difficult.” said Natalie Dias, author of “What To Do When You’re Having Two”

Prior to their Arrival:

Twins are often born early, you’ll want to make sure your nursery is ready for your babies by the time you’re 32 weeks pregnant. Most importantly, remember to take extra good care of yourself while pregnant. Be sure to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Remember to rest. Listen to your body. It may sound like basic advice, but with twin pregnancies there are a couple more risks. It seems obvious to take more precautions; you may not need more blood tests but you will need ultrasounds. Single babies are born at roughly 40 weeks, but 60% of twin births occur before 37 weeks.

Raising them two-gether:

The first few months after the babies are born will be physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting. After all you will need to breastfeed two babies who will invariably get hungry at the same time; you will need to put two babies to sleep, both of whom will want your soothing touch; you will need to monitor the health of two growing babies; and you will need to make sure that neither of them feels ignored. Most mothers report that the first two years are the most demanding and so building a reliable support system is a must.  As they grow they are more likely to throw tantrums together. It’s important to identify what triggers each one and avoid it as much as you can. It’s also important to remember that they are two different individuals even though they are twins and they will differ in mannerisms and eating habits.


When your twins start attending school, ensure they’re in the same class. This removes many hassles like two different sets of teachers, different schedules, different homework sets and different friend groups. The real benefit of having twins comes into play when they can help each other solve their own problems before coming to you, be it school related or not. They have within each other a BFF (Best Friend Forever). But do remember, your twins may have differing interests from each other. You must allow each of them to express themself in their own unique way.

Having twins can be as rewarding as it is challenging and as a parent you get to participate in your twins’ lives in the most special way. It’s important to enjoy the journey and the experience of watching them grow up with you.

Are you the parent of twins? We’d love to get some tips from you, dear #SmartMum


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