How to keep your toddler busy & happy?


By the age of 2, most babies have more energy than their mothers probably do. They become more demanding and want to be entertained all the time. And keeping up with your little bundle of energy can take a lot out of you. Regular physical activity can use up some of your baby’s energy, improve his or her fitness, build immunity, help grow strong bones and muscles, and make your baby less distracted. It contributes to better posture, healthier sleep patterns, enhanced self-esteem and confidence.

Here are some highly recommended activities for your toddler that promise a fun time:

1. Set up a simple obstacle course with cushions, soft toys, empty cardboard boxes and any baby-safe furniture you have at home. Encourage your child to crawl, climb, jump, and explore the course. Keep encouraging him or her as he completes each part of the course.

2. Put on some bhangra beats and have a dance party with your kid. Encourage him or her to jump, sway and imitate your dance actions.

3. Inflate a balloon and play volleyball with your kid. To hit the balloon back and forth, use your hands or light paddles.

4. Introduce children to basic yoga poses. There are numerous internet resources that offer kid-friendly yoga exercises.

5. Draw a simple hopscotch grid with chalk in your balcony or on the terrace of your building. While playing this traditional game, teach your toddler to hop on one foot, jump, and balance.

6. If you are the member of a club, take your toddler to the pool every weekend. Swim with him or her in the shallow areas. Swimming is best learnt when your baby is young and has fewer fears.

Little cute baby boy. Mother with son. Family playing in a water.

7. Play the famous Simon Says or Chandamama game in which you give your toddler instructions to follow. Include physical activities such as “Simon Says touch your toes” or “Chandamama kehte hai hop on one foot.”

8. Play ‘Animal Animal’. Pretend to be different animals and encourage your toddler to replicate their motions with animal walks and sounds.

9. Ball Games: Play easy ball games like rolling a soft ball back and forth or kicking a larger ball with your toddler. This aids in the development of their coordination and gross motor skills.

10. Take your baby to the park as often as you can. Encourage him or her to go on adventures, collect leaves or stones, and enjoy the great outdoors. Walking and running on various surfaces improves a toddler’s balance and coordination.

Remember to keep your kid safe and to supervise him or her during these activities. Have fun and encourage your child’s active engagement.


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