Skincare tips to help your baby beat the heat!


As a new parent, hot weather is less about pools, parks and picnics, and more about skincare, sunburn and safety. Don’t sweat it, we have you covered. It’s important to take into consideration just how delicate and fragile your child’s skin is. Once you fine-tune your baby’s skincare routine, you and your little one will simply breeze through the heat.

For starters, opt for an all-cotton wardrobe for your baby. Cotton is breathable, absorbable and is usually chemical free. This greatly reduces the chances of irritability, rashes or reactions. Choose loose fitting, free flowing clothes to keep your baby cool and comfortable when temperatures rise. Opt for pretty pastels and light, non-heat absorbing colours.

For babies under 6  months, try your best to avoid direct sunlight. Stay in the shade when the outdoors get too sunny and opt for full sleeve cotton tops, pants and a hat.

If your baby is older than 6 months, ensure you use our baby powder before you go for an outing. And after you are back, give your baby a nice cooling bath using baby soaps created with natural ingredients.

Keep your baby hydrated and happy and do the same for their skin. It’s normal for your baby’s skin to get dehydrated during the hotter months. Moisturise after cool baths and on damp skin for maximum absorption. Use baby oils and lotions that are packed with natural, baby-friendly nutrients. Honey, coconut oil and even ghee are great natural moisturisers that you can even find in the kitchen.

If your baby is being weaned, summer is the perfect time to introduce your little angel to cooling and hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, citrus fruits, coconut water and curd.

Make sure you set a good, easy-to-follow summer routine for your baby. Use this time for some wonderful baby-mama bonding. We hope our hacks help you do so. Also, we’d love it if you too could share your baby skincare hacks below for other smart moms to adopt.


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