Exercises to lose post pregnancy belly fat


Most new moms find it extremely difficult to lose post pregnancy belly fat. If you are a new mom – use this multi-pronged approach to see quick results.

Important facts about post pregnancy belly fat

  1. Post pregnancy belly fat has 2 components –
  • Visceral fat

Do exercises that increase your metabolic rate to reduce this fat.

  • Subcutaneous fat

Do specific stretching exercises to reduce this fat.

  1. Core strengthening exercises are essential to get back your shape by tightening the stretched and lax abdominal
  2. Stop eating packaged and processed food, otherwise it is impossible to lose belly fat even after rigorous exercise.
  3. Stress leads to the accumulation of belly fat. So focus on meditation to relieve stress.
  4. Always exercise only with your doctor’s approval.
  5. Always exercise under the supervision of a qualified trainer to avoid injuries.

 Exercises to lose visceral fat

1. Walking

Aim to walk around 10,000 steps per day while performing your routine tasks.

  1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

In this exercise routine – short bursts of intense exercise are interspersed with short periods of rest. This builds muscle mass which leads to increased metabolic rate.

Attempt this only after your doctor and personal trainer have approved it.

 Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles 

  1. Plank

This is one of the most effective exercises to build core strength.

Lie on your abdomen on the floor. Lift yourself off the floor while propping your body up with your elbows and toes.

Keep your whole body in a straight line and your abdominal muscles contracted.

Start with holding the plank for 10 seconds and then increase the duration slowly.

2. Belly button pull

Lie on the floor on your back and pull your belly button inwards towards your back.

Hold this for as long as you can while continuing to breathe deeply.

Do 10 repetitions in 2 sets.

3. Reverse abdominal curls

Lie on your back with your hands on side facing downwards on the floor. Lift your legs off the ground such that your knees are bent at right angles. Use your lower abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the floor.

Do 12 repetitions in 2 sets.

Exercises to reduce subcutaneous fat

1. Cobra pose –

Lie on your stomach. Place your hands next to your shoulders. Lift yourself off the floor and keep yourself supported on your palms. Look upward and arch your back as much as possible.

Hold for as long as possible while breathing deeply. Then let go. Repeat this twice

2. Bow pose –

Lie on your stomach and lift your arms up and hold your ankles with your hands. Now lift the front of your body off the floor and arch backwards as much as possible. Simultaneously lift the legs off the ground.

Hold for as long as possible while breathing deeply. Then let go. Repeat this twice

Do not expect instant results. Eat healthy food and exercise consistently and you will start losing belly fat in a few months.


Dr Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD

Dr Debmita Dutta is a practicing doctor, a parenting consultant and the founder of the website WPA whatparentsask.com – She is based in Bangalore and conducts Parenting workshops at schools and corporate organizations.



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