Look here, look there. Do you see your child everywhere?


Mummy had a little lamb,

With nowhere else to go;

So everywhere that mummy went,

The lamb too would follow…

Dear stuck-at-home Mom. We are sure you can relate to our version of this famous nursery rhyme ;). Has your baby become extremely clingy around you during this lockdown? Has he become fearful around guests? Does he follow you around (like Mary’s little lamb) and throw a tantrum if he is separated from you? You aren’t the only mom facing these lockdown related issues.

As things get better, there are chances that you might be able to go out more often and give your little ray of sunshine some time in the sun. But before you do that you will need to figure out ways to make your baby more sociable and reduce his or her separation anxiety. 

Communication is the key! 

It is very important to let your child know that his world is about to change. Talk to him about school / daycare or the friends or relatives you will be visiting. Give him a brief idea of what his day would be like. You need to reinforce the feeling that your child is safe even when he is away from you or meeting people he hasn’t met in a long time! Ensure that your child is away from any distraction when you are having this conversation. 

Back to the old ways

Get him used to pre-pandemic times. From bedtime, mealtime, to his playtime everything goes back to the way it was before the pandemic! Schedule the day as if you were going to work and he was going to school or daycare. PS. remember to take baby steps when it comes to the transition.  

Practice makes the separation bearable 

You need to get your baby used to your absence. For short periods of time you need to be away from your child. Leave your little one with an older sibling or a grandparent and go for a stroll in the park or grab a cup of coffee at the nearest cafe.  

Meet some friends!  

This is a good time to let your child mix around with other kids his age. Catch up with your mom besties, organise a picnic in the park (remember to follow the Covid-19 guidelines). Allow your child to run around with his friends and let him experience some separation without feeling anxious. 

As we conclude this blog, in the comments below tell us how you are prepping up your child to tackle separation anxiety.


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