Why should only new moms do all the feeding?



9 am feeds. 1 pm feeds. Tea time feeds. Dinner-time feeds. 3 am feeds. Hungry babies can keep new mums busy round the clock. And the elders in the family will all nod their heads sagely and tell you that it is part and parcel of becoming a mom. We beg to differ. Yes, feeding the baby breast milk is vital. But only moms need not do this job anymore. Thanks to Breast Pumps!

  1. Daddy dearest (and nearest!)


The birth of your baby was a momentous occasion. But after your little bundle of joy was born, we’re sure you have stopped experiencing the joy of a good night’s rest. And while we’re certain you don’t regret it, the truth is that the quality of your sleep affects your health and your baby’s well-being is dependent on your health and happiness. So it’s all inter-linked.

The solution: Reclaim your time and sleep with a breast pump. Express your milk via a breast pump. Store it in a bottle in the refrigerator. And then have your hubby experience the ‘joy’ of being a daddy by waking up and feeding your little one the next time she hollers in the middle of the night. If you live in a joint family, this task can also be done by one of your in-laws while you float into dreamland. Good night, sleeping beauty!

2. Out of office but still at work?


Most offices are generous with their maternity leaves but emergencies invariably have a nasty habit of popping up when you haven’t popped in (and don’t intend to pop in for a few months – this being your maternity leave and all that). When emergencies drag you back to the workplace for a few days, resist the temptation to switch to formula milk. Breast milk is your baby’s magic potion. Just make the most of the little genie called breast pump to express your milk and your baby will never starve – of your love and nourishment. For more convenience, you can even carry the breast pump with you wherever you go so that you can extract milk at your convenience, happy in the knowledge that your baby can be fed with the milk extracted since it can be safely stored.

3. Using a Breast Pump


  • Wash your hands before you begin.
  • You can even try massaging your breasts little bit or apply a warm towel before expressing milk.
  • Sit up and lean forward – gravity always helps
  • Use a rolling motion to express your milk rather than pulling or yanking.
  • Initially only a few drops might get squeezed out. Don’t worry! You’ll get more with practice.

4. Morisons Baby Dreams breast pumps


Now that we’ve explained the benefits and workings of a breast pump, allow us to show you where you can buy the best of the lot. Morisons Baby Dreams breast pumps are thoughtfully designed to give you a safe and painless experience, every time. We stock two kinds of breast pumps to suit different needs: electric breast pump and manual breast pump. Their rhythms imitate a baby’s natural sucking pattern, helping you express milk comfortably and painlessly. You can also adjust the suction force according to your needs. For more information, click here https://www.jlmorison.com/shop/babycare/mommy-needs/breast-pump.html

So, go ahead and reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind. Remember you deserve it.


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