Are you sterilizing baby bottles, or just disinfecting them?


Hey Smart Mums, let’s begin by telling you the difference between disinfection and sterilization. Disinfection (which is what happens when you immerse feeding bottles in boiling water) kills most microorganisms but not all bacterial spores, which can cause colic in babies. Sterilization, on the other hand, kills all microorganisms, bacterial spores and viruses, ensuring that the products being sterilized become completely germ free.

Moreover, boiling while an age old method, is cumbersome, time consuming and might start to ‘boil’ your blood! The hot water damages the nipple and feeding bottle and you might be at a risk of burning yourself.

To stay a step ahead of the germs and other microorganisms you need a solution that’s quick, easy and actually sterilizes. You need an electric sterilizer!

Here’s how it can make a difference in your life.

How it works

Electric steam sterilizers work by using high temperature steam to kill germs and bacterial spores which are highly resistant. They are easy to use and there are no additional chemicals or manual rinsing required.

Sterilize multiple bottles in one go

An electric sterilizer is designed to hold more than 2 regular and wide necked feeding bottles and accessories. Making it far more effective than boiling and giving the always-short-on-time Smart Mums some much needed breathing space.

No more odour

Not only is steam sterilization quicker, safer and more efficient than boiling, but also removes the odour of milk and associated smells.

Automatic shut off and thermostatic control

Most of the sterilizers come with thermostatic control and automatic shut off function that leaves you free to do other things and not worry about constantly checking on the sterilizer.

Spacious upper compartment

Electric sterilizers have a separate compartment to simultaneously sterilize other accessories, smaller toys and teethers (that babies are constantly chewing).


Electric sterilizers come with a tong for easy handling, because for us your safety is always paramount.

PS. Before sterilizing the bottle and accessories, you need to clean them in hot soapy water as soon as you finish feeding. Use Morisons Baby Dreams Bottle & Accessories Cleaner and Sparkle Brush to clean the bottle inside out!

So Smart Mums, want to make a smart choice? Well look no further! Go for the Morisons Baby Dreams Quick Electric Sterilizer, it is quick, easy and effective and will ensure you don’t have to toil or boil ever again!


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