Balanced, friendly, funny, kind…Libran babies will help you unwind.


Ruling planet: Venus. Element: Air.

Smart mums, raising a Libran baby will often feel like a breeze. Libra is an Air Sign after all. Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libran babies are friendly and generous with an innate love for music. Be that as it may, life won’t be all song and dance. Libran babies are rather indecisive and can drive their parents up the wall. Here’s what else you can expect from your li’l Libran:

A social butterfly   

Libran babies love to flutter their wings around friends and family. They will flit from chacha to dadi to bhaiya to didi making everyone laugh along with them. You job as a smart mum will be to help him put a cap on his / her bubbliness as Libran babies love the limelight.

The playschool peacekeeper

Even before Libran toddlers have learnt to say their piece, they will know how to keep the peace. They dislike violence and disharmony from a very young age. (Hardly surprising that Gandhiji was a Libran.)

Generosity is their middle name

Libran toddlers are generous to a fault. They won’t think twice before giving the last piece of sandwich or their favourite toy to some other child. So if your baby still wants food though his tiffin is empty, don’t get mad. He’s probably made some hungry friend really happy.  

They like to move it … move it!

No other sun sign is as plugged into music as Libra is. Libran babies have an ear for music. You will often find them tapping their feet, joyfully clapping their hands and dancing unabashedly when their favourite songs come on. PS. There is a high likelihood that your little Libran will want to learn a musical instrument when he / she grows up.

Are Librans indecisive? We’re not sure 🙂

Actually we are. In fact, we are very certain that Librans are born to be indecisive. And chances are that your baby will be no exception. So as a parent you might need to give them a little nudge now and again so that they don’t take all day over important decisions like: ‘Should I invite these two friends or those three?’ Our advice: Invite all five!

Preferred career choices

Music, acting, art and anything creative suits the Libran temperament. Librans, with their excellent people skills and ability to mediate, also make very competent diplomats, lawyers and counsellors.

Famous Librans  

Emperor Akbar, Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Oscar Wilde and Anil Kumble.


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