Gemini babies are twice as nice,These twins are born to socialize.


Ruling planet: Mercury. Element: Air. 


Your li’l Gemini is a gem. Life with a Gemini child will feel like you are raising two babies at once, but it will be a joyride, we promise. Born between May 21 and June 20, your tiny tot is going to have 2x more energy, 2x more intelligence and 2x more fun than other kids. These dual souls also crave attention and tend to get insecure at times. Read on to know more- 

G for Gemini, G for Genius

Kids born under this star sign are incredibly inquisitive, so they love to learn. You’ll often find your little one with a book in his hand (even if he hasn’t learnt to read as yet). We bet he’ll learn the alphabet before his friends. And you can count on him to become a whiz in Mathematics when he grows up.  

You’ve got a talker! 

Little Geminis reach their talking milestones pretty early, as they love to communicate. They talk without pausing, are very social and great at telling stories. Reading to them regularly will make them even better storytellers. You might just have a little politician in the making! 🙂 

Indecisive and unpredictable 

Since Gemini kids have 2 in 1 personalities, they are always in two minds. A simple question like-  ‘What do you want, strawberry or chocolate ice cream?’ will be met with a puzzled expression till the ice cream melts ;). As a parent you might need to guide them when it comes to making the right choices! This indecisiveness can also make them moody and unpredictable at times. 

Little bundles of energy

Babies and toddlers under this sign just won’t sit still. You might often find your little one running a mini (or should that be Gemini) Marathon around the house. As a parent you will need to baby-proof your home to ensure the safety of your little Milkha Singh or PT Usha.

Childlike, not childish! 

Gemini personalities are blessed with a childlike curiosity and wonder that stays with them even after they grow up! This trait ensures that Geminis stay interesting and rarely get bored or bore others.

Preferred career choices 

Anything in travel suits Geminis as it fuels their wanderlust. Creative pursuits like journalism, acting and singing also make for a good fit. Geminis also make inspirational teachers.  

Famous Gemini Personalities 

Bob Dylan, Lakshmi Mittal, Wasim Akram, Ekta Kapoor among others.


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