It’s pouring monsoon tips for your baby!



Do you know why there are so many April-born babies? Because July rain are really romantic! But before we talk about future babies, let’s focus on the present ones. As the rains come down, temperatures go down but what goes up is the rate of diseases. The earth turns into a breeding ground for mosquitoes that spread several air- and water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis, malaria, etc., and since babies have a fragile immune system, it calls for extra care.

So, follow our tips and you’ll say rain, rain, don’t go away!

  1. Don’t toil. Simply boil.


This basic step is one of the most important steps to prevent diseases this monsoon. Always give your baby boiled, cooled water. Are you breastfeeding? Then ensure you, too, consume safe boiled water. If your baby is on supplements or formula milk, then prepare it in boiled water.


  1. Home check – a simple hack.



Don’t keep any vessels that contain stored water near your baby. The reason is that mosquitoes and insects tend to get attracted to stored water or damp surfaces. Take a stroll in your home, especially in your baby’s room, to check for any damp patches or water leakage. Restrict plants to balcony and keep the house neat, clean and dry!

  1. A lid a day will keep the doctor away.


Another simple and effective trick! Cover every single food item that you and your baby are going to consume or likely to consume. Don’t leave anything outside without a lid.

  1. More bubbles of joy.



Whether you have a newborn or a crawling baby, give your little one a bath at the hottest time of the day during monsoon. Don’t use cold water, it could upset your baby. The temperature of the water should be comfortable to your skin when you dip your elbow.

  1. Hire a watchman.


No we ain’t talking about a real watchman! We’re suggesting placing mosquito screens on doors and windows to keep away mosquitoes. Install wire mesh or nylon insect screens on doors and windows. These screens are attached to windows with Velcro and can be washed easily.

Follow these easy tricks to make sure your baby is healthy and safe this season. And don’t forget to carry a bigger umbrella whenever you and your little one step out!


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