Pisces babies have a creative mind They are always thoughtful and kind.


Ruling planet: Neptune. Element: Water. 


Pisces babies are the kindest little ones in any family. As toddlers, they make the perfect big brothers or sisters since they will gladly assist you in looking after their younger siblings. They are also invariably the first ones to help other kids who are being bullied in the garden or in the building compound. Born between 19th February and 20th March, your Pisces kiddo will be your little lighthouse during stormy days. He is also something of a psychic and is truly intuitive. Read our blog to know more about raising Pisces babies!

Tears and fears

Pisces toddlers / babies have a hard time holding on to their feelings as they have a very dominant emotional side. These little ones can be quite the ‘dramebaaz’ at times. As a parent you need to be there for them and avoid shouting at them as they are more sensitive than most other kids. 

Dream on!

If you find your little one staring into the big blue sky or looking wistfully at a sunset (yes, very adult, isn’t it?) don’t worry! It’s the norm with this sun sign. Pisces babies love to day dream about the wonderful things they want to do. They also tend to ‘drift off’ to another world. Pro parenting tip: in such situations, just let them be.

Creativity is their fuel

Don’t be surprised if you see your walls covered in chalk or paint or come across an enormous pile of blocks stacked to form a leaning tower of ‘Piece-a’. Pisces kids are very creative and if given an outlet, they truly thrive! Make sure they always have access to wooden blocks, drawing books and easels.     

Compassion is their second nature

We have already mentioned this but it bears repeating since we all need more compassion in this world. Your Pisces kid will in all likelihood be the kindest in his class. So say Halo to your little angel.

Watch and learn

Pisces babies learn from observing and are not rote learners. They follow actions not instructions. So if you do good, so will they!  

Preferred career choices

Your Pisces child will really bloom in any creative field. Successful career picks would be films, animation, art, design and photography.      

Famous personalities

Some well known Pisces personalities are Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Ustad Zakir Hussain and Amir Khan.


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