Cancerian babies are Children of the Moon; Their affectionate nature is truly a boon.


Ruling planet: Moon. Element: Water.


Your little Cancerian is a water sign and has the moon as an influencer. Cancerian babies may put up a tough exterior, but will always be soft-at-heart, and hence need gentle emotional handling. More cautious than adventurous, these self-absorbed babies can often occupy themselves with just a single toy without being distracted or drawn away.

Yes, your little Cancerian is a bit of a dreamer. Which might be ideal, if you want to snatch a quick nap but make sure those 40 winks don’t become 41. Since Cancerian babies need to feel mummy’s touch often as they are always looking for emotional comfort.

These crabs are home birds.

Like we said, these little Crabs tend to be very devoted to their parents. They need the comfort of familiar faces. They often have a hard time adjusting to new people and places. So always make sure you are within hugging or grabbing distance of your baby.

A little moody … a little crabby.

Like the proverbial crab, Cancerian babies tread shyly around new things and at the slightest disruption, quickly crawl back into their ‘shells’. Ruled by the moon, the Cancerian baby has lots of mood swings and tends to cry more than babies born under other signs. But when the tears dry up and the smiles start, they will light up even the darkest moments with their affection.

Wonderful problem solvers.

Cancerians show tremendous focus and meticulousness from a very young age. Their capacity to solve problems is way above average. As your baby grows up, don’t be surprised if he or she manages to crack that Rubik’s Cube faster than any of his or her friends.

Truly water babies.

Cancerian babies love their baths. Tub time is fun time for them. PS. Don’t forget to sign them up for swimming lessons once they come of age.

They like to chew it, chew it!

Cancerian babies love to eat (and drink milk!). Skinny Cancerian babies are a rarity and weaning them to solid food is usually much easier than for babies born under other Zodiac signs.

They are natural caregivers.

Cancerians – both adults and babies – love to love and be loved. Your baby Cancerian will often take extra care of his / her favourite doll or stuffed animal. This innate sensitivity means that Cancerians make great doctors, vets, nurses and teachers. Other successful career choices include HR, Landscaping, Counseling and NGOs

Famous Cancerians

Dalai Lama, Sundar Pichai, MS Dhoni, Naseeruddin Shah, Elon Musk, Priyanka Chopra, Ranvir Singh and Tom Cruise.



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