Make room for more colours. It’s almost Holi after all.


It’s commonly believed that boys love blue while girls love pink, but that’s a bit of a cliche. Colour Psychology has proven that babies of both genders gravitate towards all kinds of colours, though certain colours have a more positive influence on the mood and behavior of your baby. Research shows that serving your little one a bowl of colourful vegetables or fruits can have a good impact on his appetite and he will be less fussy while eating. Certain hues also have the power to stimulate a baby’s brain and body; they can even affect your little one’s health. So here are a few tips to decode the colour code:

Spread the Warmth

Warm shades of red and orange can be used to create a happy vibe, and an energetic space around your little one. Orange is a friendly colour that exudes a welcoming feeling; you can use lighter shades of orange on a wall or on the baby cot while doing up your baby’s nursery. But don’t overuse this colour or you might have a toddler buzzing with energy 24/7.

Glued to Blue

We recommend exposing your child to this much loved colour as it is very soothing and is known to increase productivity. Beachside and lakeside holidays are perfect. Also constantly pointing to the blue sky above is a cool way to usher in a bit of blue into your baby’s world. If your baby is having trouble getting sleep and is prone to throwing tantrums, dress him up in blue and add a splash of blue on one of the nursery walls. Blue toys are also a good choice. P.S. If your child is a fussy eater, it’s best not to serve food in a blue plate as that can becalm him and make him lose his appetite.

Naturally Green

The Green Revolution needs to start early; very, very early. This colour fosters an environment that is good for learning; it makes your little one calm and boosts her thinking and concentration. That’s why you need to take your tiny tot to the park as often as you can to strengthen the connection between her and Mother Nature. PS. Putting a transparent green sheet on text or written matter is a proven method to improve your child’s reading speed and comprehension.

Purple Reign

Purple is an attention grabbing colour. So if your little girl wants to be the princess of her playschool, just dress her up in a royal purple dress. Surprisingly, this tone also has a calming effect on babies and toddlers. So it’s a good idea to pick up a purple rattle or toy the next time you go shopping for baby.

Yellow, yellow you intelligent fellow

Yellow is a colour that stands out, it is a colour of the mind, a colour that stimulates intelligence. Overuse of this colour, however, can make the child feel stressed. It is a happy shade and represents sunshine, so let your toddler wake up to a room with hues of yellow.

Soft Coral or Peach

A baby associates with this colour since the time it is in the mother’s womb. This warm nurturing tone is created by the light entering through the mother’s skin. Using this specific shade of soft coral or peach on the ceiling of your baby’s room is the ideal way to create a sense of calm around him.

Do let us know what your baby’s favourite colours are and how those colours affect your baby’s behaviour and thinking.


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