Feed them a good read.


Research shows that kids who start to read at an early age develop good language and communication skills with faster brain development. Reading is a habit which needs to be inculcated in children right after birth. It’s great to expose children to different genres and types of books like nursery rhymes, picture books and participation books that encourage children to engage in activities like jumping, making faces, imitating animals, etc. What’s more, when parents read to their children, the unique bond that they share becomes even more special. Here are the type of books you can opt for:

Picture books

Reading too much text can sometimes get a bit too heavy for your kid. Picture books make for the perfect ‘light reading’. Pop-up books that are filled with drawings and colourful graphics can help complete the picture. These books have minimal text and tell a tale through beautiful illustrations. P.S. you can find a lot of classics available as picture books.

Informative Books

There are books that make children more aware of their surroundings. These books are nonfiction and throw light on subjects like animals, dinosaurs, food, planets, seasons of the year etc. Some of these books, in fact, even have 3D images in them. PS. Please let your child enjoy these colourful, vibrant modes of information while he is still a child. Because once he grows up, we all know where he’ll get his information from, don’t we? Please don’t Google that answer.

Interactive books

Similar to pop-up books, these books truly make a song and dance about everything. Some of these books sing, others change colour, but all of them invariably draw toddlers in. And encourage them to make faces, follow simple directions, emit funny sounds and interact with the story. These books are fun and educational and help children bond with parents.

Nursery Rhymes

Alphabet Books

A for Apple. B for Books like these. C for Children. D for Definitely get Alphabet Books. They help children learn the ABC of language and communication. Once your toddler takes a fancy for these books, she will soon start recognizing letters and connecting them with an object beginning with that letter. These books are bound to help her grasp the ‘L for Language’.

And finally before we go, here is a simple test that you can use to determine your child’s reading capability.

Do a five finger vocabulary check. Ask you little one to hold up five fingers and read a page of her assigned book. If she has some difficulty in understanding a word she gets to put one finger down. At the end of the page or paragraph if she has all her fingers down, you should avoid the book.

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