Happy Mother’s Day. (Also called: Dads-Please-Look-After-Baby Day).


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If you are a new dad, please read on. If you are a new mum, please make sure your husband reads this.

Dear (new) dad, we know that you are handling a ton of stuff in the office. You probably have so much on your plate that even if you had Baahubuli’s strength you’d still be hard pressed to finish all of it. But guess what? If you looked at your wife’s daily job report, you’d realise that she works harder than anyone in your office. Including, you.

So starting this Mother’s Day, we urge you to do some ‘homework’ too. Allow us to enlighten you:


       Feeding babies takes a lot out of moms.

Despite being the most natural expression of motherhood, breastfeeding is a strenuous task. Babies get hungry often. Which means moms lose sleep frequently. Here’s a solution: simply pick up an electric breastfeeding pump https://www.jlmorison.com/shop/comfort-feed-electric-breast-pump.html

All your wife needs to do is express her milk in it and store it. Her job is done. When your little one wakes up hollering for milk, your job begins. You can feed your baby, his / her mother’s milk in the simplest and most convenient way possible. Without disturbing your wife. We promise she’ll wake up with a smile on her face. In the morning for a change instead of at night.


       It’s Happy Mother’s Day. Not Nappy Mother’s Day. 

You say, you are pooped? Well, chances are your baby has too. If he is cranky please check his nappies. Yes, dirty diapers do stink but in this day and age, dads who don’t do their share of diaper-changing stink even more. After all, your wife feels as much eek as you do. So, prove you believe in Eek-quality. Put on a brave face, clasp your nose and get to work.


       Better choco‘late’ than never.

Remember you took your wife out for that chocolate ice cream at 2 every night when she was carrying? Post-delivery, her food cravings haven’t disappeared. They’re just hiding behind the heap of efforts she puts in day in and day out, that too smilingly. So, treat her to some chaat, pizzas, vada paavs and her favourite ice cream from time to time. And watch her eat out of your hands.


       Presents always work. So does your presence.

Last but not least, no staying back late in office! Use your baby as an excuse to get out of office on time. Even the meanest boss won’t grudge you that. And on the way home it definitely wouldn’t hurt to pick up some gifts for the missus. Maybe some trinkets or a warm, funny book or a bunch of bright flowers. And, oh yes, please don’t forget to wish her Happy Mother’s Day today. On behalf of your little angel who probably hasn’t learnt how to talk yet but who still manages to leave both of you speechless. Well, that’s also our cue to stop talking. Bye.

PS.e are logging off, not blogging off. See you soon.


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