Lifestyle Diseases In Pregnancy – Thyroid, Blood Pressure And Diabetes


Congratulations! You are going to be a mother. It is time to celebrate for sure, but also time to be ‘more responsible’. Pregnancy changes the mother’s physical and mental balance, as well as her health parameters and lifestyle.

Today, people all over the world are struggling with lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid disorders. Our poor lifestyle choices like unhealthy food habits, lack of adequate sleep, mental stress and no exercise are to be blamed for these problems. However, you have to start monitoring your habits more carefully once you plan to become a mother. And, of course, you definitely need to move towards a healthier lifestyle once you get pregnant.

A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy ensures the optimum growth of your baby in your womb and helps your little one to be born with a birth weight that is neither too low nor too high. To-be-mums who have high blood pressure have more risk of birth complications like premature births. Their babies will usually be smaller at birth and may have an increased risk of developing diseases and other medical issues later in life. On the other hand, mothers with high blood sugar during pregnancy give birth to heavier babies. These little ones are at risk of medical complications at birth and need monitoring. Abnormal thyroid levels in a pregnant woman can affect her baby’s brain growth. Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy can also adversely affect the baby’s development.

So you need to attend to these issues promptly. Do not miss out on your routine appointments with your doctor since these can help you keep a check on your basic health parameters like weight, blood pressure, blood sugar level, haemoglobin level and thyroid level. But please augment your doctor’s appointments with healthy lifestyle choices like:

Nourishing diet – Eat lots of fruit, vegetables and foods with calcium, protein and iron. Avoid sugary and fatty foods.

Guided exercises – Under expert supervision exercises like brisk walking, water workouts, modified yoga and modified pilates are safe.

Good sleep – The bulging tummy, aches and pain makes sleeping difficult. But trying to find a comfortable position with pillows and soft supports is essential.

Meditation – This helps decrease stress and anxiety, thus reducing chances of high blood pressure. Meditation also helps you keep negative thoughts at bay and achieve inner peace.

Also remember that a healthy pregnancy forms a strong base for successful breastfeeding, once your baby is born.

So do take care of yourself and wish you a happy and healthy motherhood.


Dr. Preeti Gangan


Pediatrician and Lactation consultant


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