Make their first day of school, super cool!


Li’l ones invariably grow up at rocket speed. One day she has learnt to crawl, the next day she’s walking and before you know it, it’s her first day at school. And while most toddlers welcome the chance to interact with other kids their age, for some shy babies, the experience might prove to be daunting and they might be found wanting. So here are some tips that will ensure your li’l one really enjoys her big day.

Have a morning routine in place.

Children like routine. It helps comfort them physically and mentally. A simple morning routine can help your child get used to school timings. Wake them up slowly. Give them a bath. Brush their teeth. And help them into their uniforms. Try tickling and pampering them to make them feel relaxed. A smart move would be to iron their clothes the previous night. Also, do make sure you serve some of your kid’s favourite snacks for breakfast. So she isn’t cranky when she leaves for school.

Teddy goes to school.  

Take roll call using role play. Play ‘Mr Teddy Goes To School’ with your little one. Create a fun, happy story about your baby’s favourite toy attending school for the first time, with the other soft toys playing the roles of teachers, school friends and more.  

Have a p(r)ep talk!

Before the big day arrives, you need to let your child know what to expect. Talk to him, address his worries, inform him about the time he’ll be waking up for school, the location, and how long the journey from home to school will take. Teach him the importance of being punctual, respecting the teachers and other fellow students.

Teach them some basic skills.

Being able to name colours and parts of the body, recognizing and producing rhyming words and identifying some letters of the alphabet are few of the skills that will help your li’l ones excel at school! Teach them these skills at home (PS. It’s homework for you and your baby). Now that you have read this blog, do tell us how excited you are for their first day? And if your child has already completed a term, please share your experiences in the comments below for our other smart mums.


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