Park what you are doing Smart Mums! I’m here to entertain you!


Hi there, #SmartMums! It’s me with my baby musings again. And this time, I’m coming live and kicking straight from the park!

Walk-a-by Baby near the treetops! Yup, that’s on my playlist these days. Coz every evening mum takes me for a walk (actually I’m in the pram, so it’s more like a ride) to Joggers Park. And I love it. Though I have to say that it’s more Hoggers Park than Joggers Park. I mean, I see so many people sitting on the benches and munching on snacks. Just remember, people, do clean up after you are done. I’m sure like they have baby wipes, they have adult wipes as well! But let’s get back to my evening walk. Let me tell you about the things I really look forward to at the park.


It’s a whole different feeling meeting up with friends my age. My mum can’t understand us but the moment our prams bump into one another we start comparing notes.

What time did you wake up your mom last night?

Why don’t papas understand that we babies hate beards?

Who do you love more: Nani or Dadi?

PS. My friends and I always have tons of fun.

Nanis, nanas, dadas, dadis, uncles, aunties!

Speaking of nanis and dadis, every old person in the park wants to pick me up and play with me. I like it the first few times but then it does get a tad annoying. After all when your pram is as comfy as mine, you don’t want to leave it that often.

I’m a flower child!

Whenever Maali Uncle sees me, he comes and puts a flower in my pram. On some days it’s a rose, on other days it’s a pretty pink petunia. My favourite is the sunflower. It is bright and golden and always seems to be smiling at me!

Tree’s company!

My mom’s favourite spot to park the pram is under a big old tree from where I can see the slides and swings. I feel so safe under the shade of the tree. She drops leaves on me that make me giggle and gurgle. And I love watching the swings. Back and forth they go, higher and higher, the children are flying. I know I’m too little to sit on them, right now. But give me a year or two. Apna time aayega!

Puppy love!

The Park is full of pets. Little puppies rolling about; kittens and cats licking themselves; love birds in cages; even tortoises who seem to be in no hurry to go anywhere. My favourite creatures though are the little ducklings in the pond. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma may not like ducks but I love them. Time to go now. These strolls in the park always make me sleepy. See you soon. ZZZZZZZ!


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