A lovely, lively ball of energy, Your Sagittarian baby is born to be free!


Ruling planet: Jupiter. Element: Fire.

Traits: Full of beans, always inquisitive and forever looking for new things to do, Sagittarian babies are the sunshine of this world! Born between November 23rd and December 21st, Sagittarian babies are adventurers and risk-takers at heart! They want to go out into the world and embrace everything Mother Nature has to offer. They’ll want to walk before they know how to crawl and write before they know how to talk. Yes, they love to be on the move. Here’s what you should expect from your Little Archer…

Travel is in their DNA

Sagittarian babies just love travelling – anywhere! They are restless, which means that you too will rest less. They adore every door and gravitate towards the outdoors. If your baby is too young to toddle and walk, do take her to a garden or even the building terrace for a few rounds in her stroller regularly. Her utter joy will make your day.

People Persons (or should we say Baby Babies?)

Your little one will make friends very easily. In fact Sagittarian babies hate being alone. They love to see familiar faces. The flip side is that they also like their space and freedom. So do mother your little Sagittarian but don’t smother him.

Citizens of ImagiNation

Your Sagittarian baby, as you would have surely noticed, is blessed with a powerful imagination which makes him prone to daydreaming. So if you catch your little one staring fixedly at something, that’s your cue to take a break. His daydream will keep him busy for a while.

Like Lionel, they are Messi

Sagittarians are kind of wild and messy. So expect spoons of dal-rice to be flung. Mud to be spattered. Water to be splashed. But Sagittarian babies are also endlessly inquisitive. So here’s a tip for mums: do things and activities that are interactive to quench your Sagittarian baby’s curiosity!

They detest rules (but need them)

These little rebels don’t like to be hemmed in. That’s why potty training often takes longer with Sagittarian babies. Typical disciplining techniques won’t work on your little one. Instead use a combination of creativity and logic (and loads of patience) to help him understand what’s ok and what’s not.

Ideal career choices

Anything to do with wild life as Sagittarians understand animals on an instinctive level and can communicate naturally with them. Sagittarians by nature are optimistic, generous, creative, and open-minded. These positive traits can also help them make a mark in careers like Entertainment, Sales, Marketing, Arts and Humanities, or even Public Service. Since they love travelling, they will also do well in Travel-Related Careers.

Some famous Sagittarians are Dilip Kumar, Rajnikant, Mark Twain, Walt Disney and Jasprit Bumrah.


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