Amidst thunder, create a wonder.


Amidst Thunder, Create a Wonder.

Kids who are about 5 to 6 years old love the rain, they like getting wet, jumping in puddles, chasing paper boats and dance to the idea of having a day off from school. But younger babies, specially toddlers and preschoolers, may find thunder and lightning really, really frightening. They cover their ears, close their eyes and sometimes refuse to talk or start crying.

If lightning and thunder strike fear in your little ones, this should help:

Pacify your child by giving him/her a hug. If that doesn’t do the trick, calm down. We have lots of other tips up our sleeve:  

Mummy dearest!

Mummy Dearest!

Instead of coaxing your child not to be scared, let her know that you understand her fear. That way she will know that the person she most trusts is by her side and there for her at all times.



You will need to be creative, weave a story around thunder to entice your kid. Make up a story in which a war takes place between the good army and bad in heaven where the sounds of swords clashing could be causing the clouds to thunder. That will entice the child and he/she might look forward to thunder.

Sound advice

Sound Advice

Try to drown out the sound of thunder by making your child listen to music or watch their favorite cartoon show; you can even play them an instrument you know. In case of an infant, make funny faces or clap hands to keep him distracted.

Pillow fights

Pillow Fights

Have a friendly pillow fight with your baby. Run around, hug her often, and make her laugh. We’re sure all that activity will tire your baby and induce sleep. You can also try a spot of indoor camping by building a makeshift tent with bed sheets to make them feel safe.

Food for the mood

Food for the Mood

Good food can always help better your child’s cranky mood. During thunder and lightning it is good to bond with your child over their favorite meal. If your baby is still on breastmilk, feed her the moment she cries; it’ll soothe her fears.

Company can help

Company Can Help

Arrange for a play date to keep your child company. Her friend will probably keep her distracted and help her get over her fear of thunder.

Patience pays

Have realistic expectations from your baby. After all as most of us know, there are many adults too who fear thunder. So do not assume that your baby will outgrow this fear overnight. It will probably take time but by constantly communicating with her you can definitely speed up the process.

So the next time dark clouds loom over your perfect rainy day you know what to do!



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