Be Mercurial And Volatile, Or To Charm And Beguile? What’s Your Baby’s Zodiac Style?

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Gemini Baby

gemini zodiac

Ruling planet: Mercury. Element: Earth.

Traits: Symbolized by the ‘twins’, consider your Gemini baby a terrific two-in-one package, simultaneously full of thrills and challenges, joys and surprises – all together, all at once. And, if you’ve been blessed with actual twins yourself, well, it’s twice the pleasure (with not much leisure… So, strap up for the ride!-).

Opposing streams of thought, will mean your bundle of joy quickly shifts attention, and is easily attracted (or distracted, as you might want to think) by various stimuli. Red toys will quickly be discarded in favour of yellow, lullabies quickly replaced by beat-box, as their favourite groove.

What you need to be, is truly flexible and adaptable. Which means, keeping plenty of options open for your baby to discover. And equally rapidly discard.

If you’re worrying about how ‘on-your-toes’ you’re going to be, think of the bright side. And it’s a super-bright side, too. Gemini babies will have their vocabulary of sights, sounds, tastes and smells  expand in one great big bang, from the word go. That’s because, they expose themselves to many different stimuli, and hence pick up things more quickly.  All you need to do, is feed that curiosity.

That sense of wonder and that joy of making a new discovery, is a trait they will carry with them through their lives. So expect your babies to veer towards career choices like being actors or performers,
or engage in research or technical development. Being adaptable and ‘forever learning’, they will also make inspiring leaders and role models.

Some famous Geminis are Marilyn Monroe, Jacques Cousteau, Bob Dylan, Angelina Jolie, Nandan Nilekani, Leander Paes, and Lakshmi Mittal.

Cancer Baby

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Ruling planet: Moon. Element: Water.

Traits: Born as a water sign, and with the moon as influencer, consider your little one, gently rolling in with the tides…and swaying with the moods. Like the proverbial crab, they will tread shyly around new things and influences, and at the slightest disruption, quickly crawl back into their ‘shells’, before waiting to pick the next opportune moment.

Fluid and sensitive at the same time, they may put up a tough exterior, but will always be soft-at-heart, and hence need gentle emotional handling. More cautious than adventurous, these self-absorbed babies might well regale themselves with a single toy or muse, without being distracted or drawn away. So, you’ll find a bit of a dreamer in there.

Which might be ideal, if you want to snatch a quick nap, and do some speed-dreaming by yourself. Not for long, though. Cancer babies can be looking for emotional comfort ever so often, so make sure, your shut-eye is within a tug-of-the-baby’s cute little chubby wrist.

Not exactly born to lead-from-the-front, these mindful and meticulous ‘miracle workers’ will put together complex puzzles and display concentration in problem-solving, way above the average. A skill that will hold them in good stead, in latter years.

Sensitive to others’ feelings and needs, successful career choices would be as Teachers, lawyers, Doctors or Vets, HR, Landscaping, Counseling, and in NGOs

Some famous Cancereans are Katrina Kaif, Naseeruddin Shah, Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Alan Turing, Earnest Hemmingway, and Sundar Pichai.



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