From Happy Father’s Day to Happy Baby’s Days.



Babies are connected with their mums even before they are born. For babies, dads come into the picture only 9 months later. What’s more, breastfeeding also gives mums a direct line to their little ones. So in their first few months, babies will naturally be closer to their moms. But that doesn’t mean that dads should feel left out. There are many ways for dads to bond with Junior.

Get your hands dirty:

Get your hands dirty.

Start with diaper duty. Take the responsibility of changing your baby’s dirty diapers whenever you are at home. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to change diapers. You can always learn on the job, one failed diaper change at a time. The good news is that babies poop a lot so there will be plenty of opportunities to practise and learn.

Be your wife’s Uber

Be your wife’s Uber.

Your wife has just delivered the greatest gift you’ve ever been given but birthing and babycare take a lot out of a person. You need to help speed up your wife’s recovery in the first few months post-pregnancy. So, let your better half relax as you bring baby to her for feedings or cuddles. After she is done feeding, you can chip in to burp baby.

If your wife often uses a breast pump, you can help out by ensuring that the breast pump parts and bottles are washed and sterilised after every use.

Give your wife as many opportunities as you can to get some rest. This will hasten her recovery from the exertions of childbirth and also get you to bond with your li’l one.

Go from A to ZZZZ:

Go from A to ZZZZ.

Trying to get baby to sleep is usually a team effort but it is one in which dads can take the lead. Let your wife catch 40 winks while you take over this task. Just bundle your little one in a snug blanket or carrier and go for a stroll around the house. We’re sure the up-down motion will have your baby sleeping in no time.

Help baby make a splash:

Help baby make a splash.

Giving baby a bath is the one babycare job that is perfect for dads. If you are unsure, you can always have a helper or family member nearby, while you very, very gently give your baby a bath. Test the waters – the temperature should be lukewarm. Get your baby comfortable and then bathe her and watch her gurgle with delight and splash around. Make bath-times a baby-daddy ritual. It’s a connection your baby will never forget.

Do your Homework:

Do your Homework.

Get more hands-on as a dad. See what goes into the baby bag and always ensure that nothing is missing when the family is going out. Diapers? Tick. Soft baby mattress? Tick. Bonnet or hat? Tick. Teether? Tick. Favourite toys? Tick. Change of clothes? Tick. Et al.

Make a list so that you don’t forget anything. Fix the baby seat in the car. Carry the potty seat if your baby is being toilet trained. Lugging a crib is also sensible: it’ll ensure your baby has a place to rest comfortably. These little things go a long way.

Talk the walk:

Talk the walk.

The results of a study conducted by the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College, London that was published in The Daily Mail concluded that babies can differentiate between human and non-human noises. In fact, some babies can even distinguish between the dad’s and mom’s voices from as early as day three. So, talking to your baby is a great way to bond with him. Get him used to your voice. Sing him a lullaby. Or read to him. It doesn’t matter if he can’t understand a word. Let your voice become his comfort blanket.

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