Virgo babies crave perfection; And love to give and get affection.


Ruling planet: Mercury. Element: Earth.


As you welcome a Virgo baby into your life, prepare to be amazed! Born between 23rd August and 22nd September Virgo babies are a boon; they are born perfectionists, extremely helpful, and have an emotional and intuitive side to them. Having knowledge about your little Virgo’s traits can help you understand them better and foster a stronger parent-child bond.

May we have your attention, Smart Mums!

Virgo babies tend to pay a lot of attention to detail. They look at life through a micro lens (yes, everything about them is micro; they are babies after all). They have a knack of seeing things others might miss. Being perfectionists, Virgo babies can get critical if things don’t match up to their very high expectations (even though they aren’t that high themselves). As a Smart Mum, you need to guide them when they become too stubborn.

 Little helping hands

With a Virgo toddler around, little feet running around the home will be accompanied by little hands helping around the house. They love to share your load and are extremely helpful. From being a sous-chef in your kitchen to dutifully keeping cleaned dishes back in their place, they are Mothers’ Little Helpers.

B for Brains

Virgo kids are usually very intelligent, early talkers and quick to pick up reading and writing. Parents of Virgo babies often find themselves enrolling their little whiz kids into school early. To sharpen their skills you might also want to look into pre-school programs.

 Cleanliness is next to Virgoness

Don’t be surprised if your Virgo toddler’s playpen is the tidiest place in the house. Virgo kids like everything to be squeaky clean (including their squeaky shoes and toys). What this means is that you will have to do much less cleaning up! How cool is that, Smart Mums?

Affectionate and sensitive

Virgo kids love to hug their loved ones and be hugged. This need for affection sometimes makes them sensitive and prone to feelings of insecurity. So don’t forget to praise your little Virgo babies and see their self-doubt vanish.

Preferred career choices

Great at problem solving, and extremely analytical, Virgos are likely to pursue a career in Finance. Other popular career options: Surgery; Psychology; Teaching; Research; Hospitality; Law.

Famous Virgos

Mother Teresa, Bhagat Singh, Narendra Modi, Asha Bhosle, Akshay Kumar and Roald Dahl.


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