Free-thinking, strong-willed, just and fair, Aquarians are Children of the Air!


Ruling planet: Uranus. Element: Air. 


Life with an Aquarius child can to be full of surprises and every day will feel like an adventure. Born between January 20th and February 18th, babies who belong to this air sign can ‘blow’ you away with their energy. Once your baby reaches toddlerhood you will have to run like the wind behind him / her! Aquarian children are also very intellectual, fearless and quick learners. They will probably start walking and talking faster than other babies their age. Get reading to know more…     

Born to be free

From a tender age Aquarian children will have their own ideas and thoughts. These little free thinkers don’t follow the herd. Never try to force your thoughts on to your little one. Please encourage your l’il Aquarian to be independent and original. Books will always be a big draw for Aquarians.     

Social networking starts early for Aquarians

Socialising comes naturally to your Aquarius baby! They will make new friends every day. Of course, their outgoing nature needs to be monitored as they won’t think twice before talking to a stranger.     

They have a strong sense of empathy

Most astrologers agree that Aquarius is the most empathetic of sun signs. Your Aquarian baby has the uncanny power to sense how his / her loved ones and friends are feeling. So if you need cheering up, guess who’ll be the first to sidle up by your side to do so.

Strong-willed or simply stubborn?  

Aquarian children are strong-willed and individualistic. This determination helps them get their work done. But there is a downside to this trait of theirs as they often come across as being stubborn. They might also throw a tantrum if things don’t go their way! Pro tip: be patient with them as their mood swings are invariably short-lived.    

A true braveheart!

Have no fear when an Aquarius child is near! When it comes to learning a new skill or hopping on to a scary rollercoaster, your child will be the first one to make a dash for it. They seldom have a fear of the unknown and love to be the daredevils.  

Preferred career choices

Since Aquarius children are always probing and curious and love to discover new things independently, they gravitate towards fields that give them enough leeway. Some promising careers: Scientific Research, Industrial Design, Computer Programming, App Design, et al. 

Famous personalities

Mozart; Ramakrishna Paramahamsa; Subhash Chandra Bose; Oprah Winfrey and three of the most famous names in Science: Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Galileo Galilei, are all Aquarians.


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