It’s time to cook up some fun!


Enticing aromas from the kitchen; the sizzle of veggies; the whistle of the pressure cooker … there are many elements that pull kids into the kitchen. Which makes it the perfect venue for some parent-baby bonding.

Cooking with mom and dad can boost a young toddler’s confidence and help him or her enhance motor skills. You can let toddlers pour liquids (that aren’t hot) in a glass or a pan, layer a sandwich or wash fruits/ vegetables. And dear parents, who wouldn’t mind a helping hand, right? Just follow these simple rules to make kitchen time safe and fun: 

Choose the right time.

The best time to keep little ones busy in the kitchen is during the weekends. For toddlers, you can choose a time when they are well rested and in a cheery mood! 

Join hands with hygiene.

We know you do this already but it’s even more important in the kitchen. Please ensure your toddler washes his/ her hands thoroughly. Always keep our baby-safe wipes handy to wipe their hands and faces clean!

Sharpen their knife-using skills.

Knives are sharp, but your child is sharper! Teach your toddler how to use a plastic knife safely (keep the steel ones well out of bounds).

There are rules before one drools!

Your tots need to ask an adult’s permission before handling anything in the kitchen. As kids get used to working with mommy and daddy in the kitchen they get more comfortable and independent and will often start rummaging in the kitchen on their own. Also, they should not be allowed to lick spoons and plates after emptying the contents as there is a risk of consuming raw ingredients that can make them sick.

Follow the leader.

This mantra applies to your baby as well as your hubby. No, but jokes apart, cooking with your kids is a great way to teach them how to follow instructions. They need to listen before they act!

On a concluding note, a few kitchen disasters are bound to happen. It’s okay if things don’t go as planned- a messy countertop, a few ingredients being dropped by mistake, a burnt cake – IT’S OKAY! Just make sure you never lose your cool … the kitchen is a hot enough place as is!

In the comments below, tell us what’s the one dish that you are super excited to make with your little one?


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