Leo cubs will rule over your heart; These born leaders are very smart!


Ruling planet: Sun. Element: Fire.


 The very moment a Leo baby enters your world, he / she will start ruling it with his / her free spirit, endearing nature and leadership qualities. Leo cubs are bright, warm, and love to shine just like the sun which is their guiding planet. Leo babies will always find ways to seek your attention and they truly flower when you give it to them.

Here are some other traits to look out for:

The cub leads with pride

Leo babies are born to lead and it shows in everything they do. They usually achieve developmental milestones faster than other babies. Often their dominance can come off as bossiness, thus it is important for the cub to learn a thing or two about sharing and taking turns.

Your cub always smiles

Happy, cheerful, free spirited and roaring with energy, Leo kids can be quite a handful. Putting a Leo toddler to sleep can be a bit of a challenge, as they never run out of energy and don’t like to miss out on any of the fun. You need to put a strict sleep schedule in place which the little ones need to follow. PS. Signing them up for dance, drama, or gymnastics when they are a little older will help channelise their energies in the right direction.

Watch and learn

Leo kids are quick learners and they prefer to learn hands-on rather than through rote learning. Which is great when they are babies but tougher when they reach pre-school. Since getting them to study and do their homework can be quite a task. The trick is to make it a challenge for them. This will excite them and you will get the desired results.

The fearless Simba

Leo children are often physically and mentally strong than others and show few signs of fear. They are daredevils, and love adventure; so as a parent you need to keep an eye on them and ensure they are safe at all times.

The undefeated king

Leo kids hate failing. As a parent, you will need to mollify your little one when he or she experiences a setback, rare though it may be. Leo cubs are so used to winning, they find it tough to accept defeat.

Preferred career choices

Leo kids and adults are creative and intuitive so careers that suit them are acting, stand-up comedy, advertising, writing and anything that involves power and leadership.

Famous Leos

 Kishore Kumar, Roger Federer, Gulzar, JK Rowling and Satya Nadella.


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