Little Scorpios are intense and deep, Their secrets and promises they always keep.


Ruling planets:Pluto and Mars. Element:Water.

Staying true to their element- water, Scorpio babies (October 23 – November 22nd) are always overflowing with emotions. At breakfast your baby might have her sunny side up but come evening, she may suddenly slip into a blue mood. As a mom, you need to understand that your Scorpio baby experiences every moment intensely. In short, little Scorpios need to be handled with, well, kid gloves. Read on to know more …

Psst … Scorpio babies love keeping secrets.

From a very young age your little one will start keeping things to himself and be rather secretive. The irony here is that you won’t be able to keep any secrets from him. Scorpios show signs of being intuitive and perceptive even as babies. In fact your baby will probably be able to read your mind earlier than he / she will be able to read a book.

Sad smile or happy frown?

Scorpio babies are good at hiding their true feelings. You may often find your baby riding an emotional rollercoaster. From the outside your child might portray himself as calm and composed but from the inside he might be anxious and sad. If you baby is being quieter than usual, your job as a smart mum is to coax him to share his true feelings.

Can you solve this mystery? 

Scorpio babies are a mystery and definitely love solving one. They also love hiding in dark corners, so playing peekaboo and hide and seek will be their favourite activity. Lost your key or his toy, worry not; L’il Sherlock Holmes will be on it. The mystery thickens as those born under this sun sign are also known for their psychic abilities. So don’t be surprised if you hear your kid babbling while staring at the wall. He’s probably just chatting to a friend he’d made in his previous avatar.

Your cuddle bug loves a bear hug

Scorpio kids are extremely possessive and can’t bear being separated from their loved ones. You will have your little one following you like a shadow well after she enters toddlerhood. They also find comfort in sleeping with their parents. So, at 11 pm if there is a knock on your door, don’t be surprised to find your little one with his favourite blankie and pillow waiting outside.

Preferred career choices

Strong willed and adept at problem solving, Scorpios have a great affinity for leadership roles, discovery, medicine, start-ups and non-profit organizations.

Famous Scorpios

Christopher Columbus, Marie Curie, Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Shahrukh Khan, Virat Kohli.    


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