The daily meal plan for pregnant moms


“One of the most important things that you must focus on when you are pregnant is your diet”

This is what I tell expecting moms who consult with me.

What you eat determines

  1. Your blood composition – which in turn determines which of your baby’s genes get expressed.
  2. Your gut environment – which in turn determines your metabolism and ensures both yours and your baby’s health.

The key things to keep in mind to ensure the above are –

  1. Avoid toxins – Eat freshly prepared food cooked at home. Avoid packaged and processed food.
  2. Ensure that every meal has unrefined complex carbohydrates, high quality proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and water.
  3. Eat a good balance of prebiotics and probiotics.
  4. Eat food that is locally available, fresh and easy to digest.
  5. Cook with spices that help in digestion. Avoid spices that irritate the gut.
  6. Cook in nut and seed oils or ghee.
  7. Stay away from restrictive diets that promise to keep you thin.
  8. Do not eat double of what you normally eat.
  9. Eat small frequent meals. Eat every 2 hours.
  10. Eat salty, sweet, sour and bitter tastes in proportion to ensure that your baby does not become a picky eater.

The daily meal plan for pregnant women

On waking up in the morning

  1. Soaked almonds and raisins
  2. Soaked dates and walnuts
  3. Rice Bhakri
  4. Khakra
  5. Murmura
  6. Roasted Chiwda
  7. Millet crackers


  1. Ragi dosa
  2. Idli
  3. Bajra koozh
  4. Poha
  5. Stuffed paratha with curd
  6. Paneer sandwich
  7. Foxtail millet upma

Mid-morning snack

  1. Ragi banana pancake
  2. Dhokla
  3. Trail mix using jowar flakes
  4. Bhel/Murmura
  5. Paratha with murabba
  6. Nimbu pani
  7. Nariyal pani


  1. Moong dal + Drumstick curry + Rice/roti + Curd
  2. Kabuli Chana + Pumpkin curry + Rice/roti + Cucumber raita
  3. Rajma + Cauliflower curry + Rice/roti + Curd
  4. Chawli dal + Beetroot stir fry + Rice/roti + Boondi raita
  5. Kadhi + Baigan bharta + Rice/roti
  6. Matki dal + Bhindi curry + Rice/roti + Curd
  7. Urad Dal + Broccoli stir fry + Rice/roti + Lassi

Mid-afternoon snack

  1. Peanuts
  2. Roasted Chana
  3. Guava chaat
  4. Jamun Parfait
  5. Pickled Jackfruit
  6. Seethaphal milk shake
  7. Banana smoothie

Teatime snack

  1. Peanut chikki
  2. Amranth chikki
  3. Dates truffle
  4. Til laddoo
  5. Granola bar
  6. Coconut laddoo
  7. Roasted makhana

Early evening snack

  1. Haandvo
  2. Chhole papdi chaat
  3. Dry Kale Chane
  4. Sour dough bread toast with egg
  5. Ragi dosa
  6. Banana tikki chaat
  7. Buckwheat sweet potato fingers


  1. Khichdi
  2. Whole wheat pita with hummus
  3. Ragi pasta
  4. Whole wheat pizza
  5. Bajra roti with gutte ki sabji
  6. Biryani with dal kabab
  7. Paneer paratha

It is most important to plan your weekly meals ahead of time if you want to eat healthy. This helps you to plan the shopping, the preparation, and the actual eating.

Eat healthy – stay happy!


Dr. Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD

Dr. Debmita Dutta is a practicing doctor, a parenting consultant, a published parenting author and the founder of the website WPA – She is based in Bangalore and conducts online and offline Parenting workshops at schools and corporate organizations. She also conducts online and offline prenatal classes for expecting parents and infant care classes for new parents.


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